Saturday, October 12, 2013

Transitions: The Veil is Thinning

Now is a time

when the veil thins.

Can you feel it?

In the sighing winds
whipping through flaming trees,
falling leaves.

In the birds
winging their way
to winter homes,
warmer climes.

In your dreams,
waking and sleeping,
shades of yesterday
whisper your name
calling from forgotten times.

The veil is thinning.
Those who feel it
ache with a desire
thrumming in the


The veil thins.  We are in a transition time of year.  As we move steadily towards the darkness we may find that our lives mirror the cycles of nature; and that we, too are in transition. Leaving our busy outward facing lives of summer, the heart rending beauty of autumn and the abundance of harvest.  We ready ourselves to turn inwards as darkening days approach.

Once, when the world turned towards the darkness, I turned to the noise and glamour of parties.  I had no tolerance for the invitation to quiet contemplation that this time of year can offer.  My ears were deaf to the voices of the ancestors calling me home.  Home to myself. 

But those days are gone.  And, while I can’t say that I don’t love a good party, there is something in me that yearns for the long nights and quiet days that are coming; something that aches to slow down and turn inwards, eager to learn the secrets that wait on the other side of the veil.  What will this time of transition bring?

Can you hear it calling?  Does the coming darkness stir in your soul?  Will you stop and listen and perhaps wonder, what wisdom calls?