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About Sophia

“For as long as I can remember, I have walked a path of Spirit, each step moving me closer towards clarity and connection with the Great Mysteries. We all have an inner calling to connect with the Sacred. Although the path looks different for each one of us, the process is similar.

This work I offer comes from a space deep within that seeks the light like a sea mammal seeks air. It allows us to be more present in our lives and allows our soul space to breathe.

I do this work because I am called to it. I do it because I am good at it. It ripples through each cell of my body and pours out from my heart and mind.”

Some of Sophia's Story

One of my earliest memories is of my mother bending over me in the crib, telling me that everything contains yin and yang. That early lesson launched me into an ongoing quest for answers and experiences in the realm of Spirit.

My physical journey has taken me many places in the world, including Mexico, Africa, Europe, the US and Canada. In my psychospiritual journey, I have travelled beyond the bounds of the physical in the pursuit of knowledge in Buddhist mindfulness, feminist theory, psychotherapy, Wicca and other forms of paganism.

In 1976 or so, when I returned from living in East Africa, a friend gifted me with a deck of Tarot cards saying (something like), “Here, you need these. Learn them. They will speak to you.” That Smith-Waite deck still travels with me, along with others that have been gifted to me since.

While studying for my Masters in Counseling in the 1970’s, I ran into Jack Kornfield who had just opened Insight Meditation Society, an early retreat center in the US, with Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Saltzberg. I sat meditation there quite a lot during the next few years (a week a month for awhile!).

In the mid-1980’s, some friends taught Cakes for the Queen of Heaven at the local Unitarian Church as a prerequisite for joining their feminist, non-hierarchical ritual group. This is when I began practicing Earth-based, Goddess-oriented ritual making. Through this circle, I also discovered my first Reclaiming witch camp in Vermont, first becoming an organizer and later a teacher.

In the late 1990’s, another friend offered a reformed Covenant of the Goddess training called Cella. During this training, I developed the ability to aspect, or invite an unseen ally to speak through me.

In the early 2000’s, following my heart to Southwestern Ontario, I connected with Wild Ginger Witch Camp and continue to stay connected to that circle.

Between 2004 and 2014, I trained with T. Thorn Coyle, as Thorn transitioned from the Anderson Feri Tradition to Morningstar Mystery School. I became a mentor in the Morningstar style of magic-making in the very early days of the school’s formation.

Today I continue my work from my home in Southwestern Ontario. As I grow, the work deepens and grows, bringing it alive to groups and individuals through my private practice, Soul Journey readings, trainings and workshops, and community and private rituals celebrating community and private rites of passage.