~ Wild Soul ~

“Behold! There is magic all around us!” 

Our Wild Soul reaches out to the Magic surrounding us. It is the curious part of ourselves that seeks the possible even when, or especially when, our Outer World selves scoff. Can you hear it calling? Are you ready to answer the Call? 

In this 3-session workshop we will deepen into our Wild Soul, learning to hear the voice of the Wild residing within us. We will seek to learn its language and connect with its guidance. 

Thursdays 7:30-9:30pm online (Zoom)
May 13, 20 & 27, 2021
Cost: $125CAD

Please send me an email for sliding scale info or to register. 


Showing Up for Yourself:

Inner resources for self-compassion

Join me and co-teacher Morgaine for our next series!

Showing Up for Yourself is based on some of the many resources for self-compassion that I have gathered over the years. Some of them have come out of my long years of Mindfulness training, others have emerged out of my psychotherapy training, and still others are deeply anchored in my work as a Magic Worker/Witch. They are some of my favourite resources for fostering self-compassion gathered under one umbrella.

Thursdays 7-10pm online (Zoom)
April 1 - 29, 2021 (5 weeks)
$200CAD with a slide to $150

Please send me an email to register

Who is it for? 

This series is for anyone who seeks a cleaner, clearer relationship with themselves. It offers us a pathway towards greater self kindness and friendship with one’s self. 

Message from Morgaine, co-teacher ~ 

“In the short time I have dedicated myself to a better life of mindful presence, I have found time and time again COMPASSION came a knockin’ at the door. And I felt a push to share that knowledge with others. I needed to hear it – so join us! Because just maybe, so do you.”

Spring 2021
A Writer's Circle

We will continue meeting virtually, crossing our fingers that we are able to start meeting outdoors soon! 

The Inspiration Circle works from new prompts each meeting. We begin with a short warm-up prompt after which we share our work. Then we move on to a second prompt with a longer writing period.  Again we share our work, this time with feedback. The feedback focuses on the positive: themes we heard; turns of phrase that caught our attention; what we wanted to hear more about; and the like.

The group is held within sacred space. The prompts arise from seasonal events, our conversations or out of the depths of mystery. Sometimes prompts will be writing exercises to stretch our skills. The longer writing time at each meeting  is followed by sharing our writing and receiving feedback.  

The fees will be continue to be $85.00 for 6 weeks with a slide to $70.00 for those who need it. You decide where you slide.  As always those who can pay more support those who can’t. We are all grateful for our ability to make this work available to diverse people.

  Please send me an email to reserve your space or learn more.



Foundations (a more accurate re-naming of The Basics) is for seasoned spiritual journeyers and for people just starting to explore magical and spiritual realms. We will practice the foundations of deep workings: first with effective grounding, and exploring our connection with Divinity and our innermost selves. Then we connect our inner selves with our outer world selves. These core skills form the Foundational Practices once offered in the Priestessing Your Life training. They will support you in magical workings, self-healing and deepening spiritual connections. With practice, you can use them in your daily life.

It has been said that 2020 was the Tarot 'Year of the Tower'. In some depictions of this card, the Tower topples because the foundation isn't solid. And so it is with our spiritual journeys throughout our lives. We need a strong foundation in order to travel well. 

Foundations or equivalent experience is a prerequisite 
for ongoing work with Sophia and Morgaine. 

Thursdays 7-10pm online (Zoom)
February 25 – March 18, 2021 (4 weeks)
$180CAD with a slide to $150
Please email me to register or learn more.


Birthing Our Phoenix:

I am excited to share this upcoming online retreat that I will be co-facilitating with two amazing women: Ellen Secci and Candice Lawrence. The three of us have been collaborating on this offering since August. After a year like this, we wanted to create something that we believe will help us all renew ourselves using the power of Story. In our sacred container, we will reflect on our old Stories, create new ones, and connect through sacred rituals, meditations, songs and shamanic drumming journeys. 

We will meet on Zoom Thursdays 7-10pm (EST); January 14-February 11.

Please contact me to learn more or register.
Cost: $170 CAD / $130 USD ($50 deposit holds your spot)
Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested.

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