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Journey with Inanna:
Shadow, Privilege and Power

What do we find when we face ourselves in darkness? What jewels glow in the dimness of our innermost selves, attracting us to the places we seek our true selves, our pathway from now to Now?

Inanna and her sister Erishkegal are calling.
They request our presence at the Temple. 

We are Inanna and Inanna is us.
We are Erishkegal and Erishkegal is us. 

We move through life, becoming who we might be.
We push our edges.
We deal with the outcome.
We become more whole, more present, more truly ourselves.

Inanna's journey is a metaphor for our own... 
Erishkegal's pain and rage is also our own... 

When the sisters meet, when we meet our Shadow, 
We create our story anew. 

Will you embark on this journey with Inanna?

The group will be meeting 14 times over 6 months starting at Summer Solstice and traveling with Inanna as She descends into the Underworld. Our Return echoes the return of the Light at Winter Solstice. 

Two-part Journey Option

Between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox, we will journey with Inanna as she steps into Her power and as she opens to love and the sacredness of her body. 

Between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, we will walk with her as she descends into the Underworld, the realm of her sister, Erishkegal. Here we will face the courage and wisdom waiting in the realm of Darkness, our Shadow selves. 

You can sign up for either part of the journey or the whole trek. 

Read more about Inanna and Erishkegal on my Soundings of the Heart Blog. 


Bi-weekly from Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice (Jun 23 – Dec 22, 2022) 
Thursdays 7:00 – 9:00pm EST on Zoom
$450CAD/ $355USD with slide to $350CAD/ $275USD (whole trek)
Please email me to register or learn more or ask about pricing for half of the journey. 

Co-facilitator James Poppy

James is a queer witch and Radical Fairy. An initiate of Anderson Feri and Reclaiming, he strives to find balance and magic everywhere and in everything.

James' work is deepened by a connection to the Gay Rights Ancestors, striving to heed their words and “Be fabulous, always be fabulous.”


Writing for Witches 

Watch for new dates in the fall! 

Join me and co-facilitator Diane Perazzo as we open to the inspiration of our Witches' world view. We will offer prompts and exercises that bring us face to face with our willingness and ability to work magic with our words, in our lives, for our world and the health of Mother Earth.

Mondays, May 2 - June 6, 2022 
7:30-9:30pm EST on Zoom 
$220 CAD with a slide to $150
Please email me to register or learn more.

Journey Into the Chakras

We work with external, unseen allies all the time. What would it be like to work with our internal allies? What do your chakras want you to know? Morgaine and I are delighted to invite you on this Journey into the Chakras...

Thursdays, April 14 - May 26, 2022 
7:00-9:30pm EST on Zoom 
$250 CAD with a slide to $180
Please email me to register or learn more.

Past Offerings ~