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The Beauty: a work in progress

  The sun breaks through the morning mist, the air sparkles. The world awakens.   We remember: the air is fine; the mist is fine; the earth is fine. They are each true to who they are.     We humans walk through our days surrounded in The Beauty. How, in the face of loss, can my aching heart embrace The Beauty, The Beauty that is here…..   The Beauty lies in our determination to preserve the treasure of Love;   The Beauty surrounds us as we hold each other, even when we watch our dreams crumble into ashes;   The Beauty is our determination, to walk our path together even when, especially when, the Way has been lined with disappointment.  The Beauty hold us in strength and in love.   The Beauty picks up the pieces and finds new ways to fit them together until the jagged edges of an unfair reality reassemble whole and new.   The hoped-for story shattered, The Beauty rests in resilience.   The Beauty puts one foot in front of the other because although today is hard, tomorrow is unwritte

Can You Hear The Call?

In that formless place that continually forms and dissolves and reforms, a candle burns. Thus, the magics remain. The candle burns. The magics keep the spheres aligned in their paths. They remain strong. Remain malleable. Remain true.  But look, as we watch, the candle sputters. The Good Red Road twists and turns. The ribbon that has rolled out for countless generations of Life shrinks to a narrow ribbon.  Is it doubling back on itself?  Perception in the fragile light is fraught. It echoes throughout the realms. Lying in the balance, the Fae Ones look to their human allies. Could they open their eyes, their hearts? Would they? Is change possible? The Queen of the Fae straightens Her back. She throws back her head and spreads wide Her arms. She speaks the Words and sends them out to waiting ears.   The Word goes out: “Heed you well, O you beings of The Realms! Change is upon us! Hold your heads high, your feet purposeful as you approach the Crossroads. Here, now the Place of Choice awa

To our children and our children’s children

To our children and our children’s children  for ages to come and back through time…..   We come into this life fresh and new. We look around us in wonder. How can it be that this marvel of a world exists? And here we are, living in it. Nay, we rise up from within it; for truly, we are a piece of this miracle.   And so we walk through our days.   Some of our days are sun filled, a joyous dance to life. But all too often our days are confusing. We forget who we are, where we are graced to be living.  We forget where we have come from, where we are going.   We forget that we have companions. We might think we are alone, separate, trudging along a road that has grown dark and dreary.   Perhaps today your pathway is rutted. Littered with rocks; bisected by roots.  Perhaps brambles reach out, seemingly intent on grabbing at your shirt, your hair, scratching your cheek, leaving you scratched and bleeding. Just a little … or maybe a lot.   It was told to me once, by a wise and surprisingly sp

The Harvests of Our Lives

  Harvest season is here! As we settle into the shorter days here in the Northern Hemisphere we gather the fruits of our labors from the long summer days. Perhaps you have a garden, perhaps not. Perhaps you grow some of your own food, perhaps not. Perhaps you grow beauty, perhaps not.   But whether or not you engage with Earth during the growing season, still there are harvests. At this time of the year, we look at our all of our harvests: the harvests from our gardens, the harvest of our lives.    We may wonder, is this harvest ‘enough’? Will it get me through? Am I ‘enough’? Can I become the fulcrum through which my life can maintain its every-changing balance in order to know  I Am Enough ?   We are like Pamela ‘Pixie’ Coleman Smith’s rendition of the Two of Pentacles in the Smith-Waite Tarot (a.k.a. Universal Tarot or Rider-Waite Tarot), juggling to keep our lives in balance, to keep our balls in the air or in our hands.  The dominant paradigm conditions us to believe that we will

Elemental Thoughts

  #1   Tumbling over boulders We merge  and separate, and merge once again.   Rising and                     falling   Spiraling      Inwards   Stretching   o  u  t  w  a  r  d  s     Drawn  ever  onwards.   The swirling vortex                                       beckons         # 2 In a moment the heart lifts.   Awareness…   and Water  and Fire  and Air align with Earth.               The Cauldron of Mystery                                                                     bubbles.   Balance.   As Summer ripens into fall, we look towards our Elemental Tools to support us on our journey.