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Inanna and Erishkigal Invite us Into The Temple, Into The Story

Who is this Inanna? And why do we work with Her? The stories that have collected around Inanna’s name are many. They were originally chiselled in stone in ancient Sumer, the first recorded stories that we have recognized and translated into modern language. This all by itself, is remarkable. Here we have a beginning of the transition between Oral Traditions and the Written Word. A major changing point in history. It begs many questions,  ‘What happens when we begin to write down our stories?  Do they become frozen in time, ‘set in stone’?  Can they continue to evolve? And, perhaps most important, ‘Who gets to write them?’ But back to Inanna Herself. The cast of characters is fascinating, it includes Godds, notably Inanna and Erishkegal.  The stories are filled with trickery. Inanna tricks Enki into giving away His powers. He thought that he could hold His beer better than that sweet young thing sitting before him? HAH! They offer us love. The love between Goddess and Her p

A New Mantra

 “This is your show… “You make it up as you go along… “You are doing the best you can! Always.” As I have stepped into being a new grandmother, this has become my mantra. Oh, I have been a grandmother for some dozen or more years, but this time around I am invited into the intimacy of the multi-generational show. It has been a gorgeous, heart rending, respectful time filled with admiration and growth. And it has been filled with differences, dismay and questioning, hopefully internal! Whenever we step into life’s mysteries we are forced by circumstance to reach within ourselves and find out what we are made of. In short, we grow. And in growing, of necessity, we change. But what is our relationship with change? This is a question that I frequently pose to students at the beginning of our work together. Some of us change only when our back is to the wall, when there appear to be no other options. Others of us sort of blow where the winds of change take us. Then we look around a

Knowing the Wisdom of Our Own Being

In 1976 a friend gifted me with a deck of Tarot cards along with a book and the statement, “you will be needing these…” Thus, a journey began.   For a few years I studied the book she had given me. I studied the cards. I loved some of them. I feared others. I wrapped them in a special piece of silk and found a box to be their home. I carried them everywhere I traveled. And I traveled extensively in those days. I did readings for myself. I did readings for friends. We became allies, the cards and I. I wondered about my Eastern European bloodlines. Perhaps I had some Romany blood somewhere back there, back then.   I remembered my mother reading tea leaves for us, for friends, when I was small. I remember her stopping. Refusing when asked, dismissing it as a ‘party game’. I remember her talking about her Grandmother who she claimed was truly a witch. I remember when she stopped saying that.   As it turns out, that friend all of those years ago, was on to something. She has since turned to

Winter Solstice 2021

  Settle in Into the Darkness The Blessed Darkness from which We came            All                   Life                            Begins                                     In Darkness   Breathe          Wait                   Wonder     What comes next?          Don’t know     Here in the Darkness The great fertile Darkness…   Rest in not-knowing     Breathe   Settle   Wonder   In the fullness of time   Something          Shifts   Something                   Moves   Connection made     What reaches out          here in the Darkness?   What          makes itself known          here in the Darkness?   What touches You here in the Darkness?     Something          becomes different   You wonder The difference,                   is it in me   The difference                   is it in the                                     Now   The difference                   is it in the                                              World     The Wheel aches          It aches to turn   The time is 

The Beauty: a work in progress

  The sun breaks through the morning mist, the air sparkles. The world awakens.   We remember: the air is fine; the mist is fine; the earth is fine. They are each true to who they are.     We humans walk through our days surrounded in The Beauty. How, in the face of loss, can my aching heart embrace The Beauty, The Beauty that is here…..   The Beauty lies in our determination to preserve the treasure of Love;   The Beauty surrounds us as we hold each other, even when we watch our dreams crumble into ashes;   The Beauty is our determination, to walk our path together even when, especially when, the Way has been lined with disappointment.  The Beauty hold us in strength and in love.   The Beauty picks up the pieces and finds new ways to fit them together until the jagged edges of an unfair reality reassemble whole and new.   The hoped-for story shattered, The Beauty rests in resilience.   The Beauty puts one foot in front of the other because although today is hard, tomorrow is unwritte